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Due to government restrictions we require all of our customers to wear a face mask during their treatment and abide by the all Covid safety recommendations. Due to restrictions and additional safety measures for cleaning and spacing of appointments – times and availability are limited each day.

We ask you to phone to re- book your appointment if you are experiencing any Cold or Flu like symptoms to include sore throats or coughs, or if you or a member of your household has been diagnosed with Covid or if you or any member of your household have been advised to isolate or if you or any member of your household are waiting for or have received a positive antigen or PCR test – A €10.00 re- scheduling fee may be applied and sent via payment link.

Please only arrive at your allocated appointment time – earlier access will not be permitted. 

 A €10.00 non refundable booking fee may be requested to be paid at the time of your booking to secure your appointment. Requested Fees not paid at time of booking may result in an appointment offer not be held. Please pay your booking fee when requested to do so to avoid this. Cancelled or postponed appointments may incur a charge of €10.00 which may be added to your next treatment price. 

Cancellation Policy – You may cancel your appointment up to 48 hours before your treatment. Appointments once made that need to be later cancelled, postponed or changed due to your changing circumstances, isolation or ill health after this time may be postponed and pushed forward with a €10.00 Re- booking fee going forward by one change of date only – If this appointment is further postponed or cancelled for a second time by you this €10.00 fee will be lost or if not already charged will be sent via payment link or added to your next treatment price.

Open for appointments by Pre-arrangement on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Payments for treatments may be made by Cash, Credit or Debit card. PayPal option also available on the website – just email or text if planning to pay for your treatment this way.
Directions to treatment room are available on the contact us page.

Please allow a little extra time for coming and going etc. as sessions may run a little over. Failure to give adequate notice of cancellation of appointment may mean additional fee applied, if less than 24 hours notice given.

Please do not arrive more that 5 minutes before your appointment time as we may be with a client and unable to answer the door.

Baby Massage Classes

Please Email to

Arrange your 1 to 1 Home Classes for 2021 

1 to 1 or “friends” group classes in your own home available 

Classes on hold at present – please inquire further.

    See baby massage page for details and dates of classes

Did you know that you may be able to claim up to €30.00 on your Reflexology or Massage! (and up to €100.00 off 1 to 1 Baby Massage Classes)

If you are a member of VHI, AVIVA Glo or Laya Healthcare – Depending on your plan & the treatment you choose, you may be eligible to claim a refund from your Healthcare Insurance Provider – Check it out! – I am registered with the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA) who are recognized by Irish Life – (AVIVA & Glo) for part refunds on Massage & with the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute (IRI) who are recognized by VHI, Laya, Irish Life -(Glo & AVIVA) for part refunds on Reflexology. Inquire with your Healthcare Insurance Provider first to see if you are covered on your plan for a part refund from them for your therapy. Baby massage classes are recognized by Irish Life – (Aviva, Glo), Laya & VHI & refunds and conditions vary depending on your plan – Check with your provider first.

Open for appointments by Pre-arrangement on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

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