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Reflexology / Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle healing art which dates back to ancient Egypt and China. It uses the theory that all the organs of the body are mirrored in reflexes in the hands and the feet. These reflexes relate to all the systems of the body and also to the totality of the person – body, mind and spirit. When we become ill or out of tune with ourselves, our body is under pressure to just carry out its daily functions. By using gentle reflexology, pressure and massage on these reflex points, we aim to aid relaxation and help bring the feeling of a state of balance back to the body time.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and throughout every stage of life and may help bring relief from some of the symptoms of a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Reflexology is a complementary therapy and so does not take the place of conventional medical treatment or care, and in most cases can be used along side conventional medicine. We ask If you are under the care of a Doctor or Consultant for a particular medical condition and or during your pregnancy that you should always inform your Doctor or Consultant that you are considering having reflexology alongside their care and obtain your Doctors or Consultants advice and consent before receiving reflexology, if in doubt or unsure please inquire at time of booking.

Initially a course of 4-6 sessions are recommended to help you assess your body and your relaxation response to the regular reflexology sessions, but this is totally at the clients discretion and wishes. After a completed course of reflexology many people find it beneficial to continue with regular monthly or 2 monthly treatments to suit their needs.

Benefits include

Most Clients find that Reflexology is deeply relaxing and may help them to manage their tensions and stresses. 

Because of the stimulation of the feet and the ankles, reflexology may help to promote circulation, which in turn may benefit the cells of the body in their daily function

Reflexology is a very gentle stimulation of the feet and ankles which most clients find deeply relaxing and is therefore ideal for conditions that may be worsened by stress and tension.

More information about Reflexology can be found on the Irish Reflexologist’s Institutes website at

Reflexology and Pregnancy

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to use during pregnancy and labour. Some clients may prefer to wait until after the 12th week of pregnancy if they have not been having regular reflexology. Your Doctor’s should always be informed of your intent to commence reflexology during your pregnancy and their permission may be needed before receiving any reflexology.  It is always good to mention it to your Consultant or Doctor if you are planning to receive reflexology during your pregnancy.

1 hour reflexology appointment including consultation €50.00 

1.5 hour reflexology appointment €70.00


Your Reflexology session may be part reclaimable with the health insurers VHI, Laya, Irish Life (Glo and Aviva health). Check with your health provider first for any special terms and conditions that may apply for you to obtain a refund. A full list of recognized participating reflexologist’s registered with the Irish Reflexologists Institute that can provide receipts can be found on

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