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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on the traditional Ayurvedic healing system which is designed to bring about harmony between the mind and body and spirit which helps to bring about good health and well-being. Indian Head Massage has had a place in daily life in India for thousands of years and is now gaining popularity in the west. Traditional Indian Head massage originated and was practiced by women in India and was initially restricted to the head and hair. It was developed as part of the grooming routine with different oils being used on the head and hair for the different seasons. It combines massage using the skins own sebum for movement which gives a slightly deeper movement, with the addition of specific pressure points to release tension on the upper shoulders, arms, neck, face and head. A small amount of oil can be used if the skin is very dry to aid movement and ease friction.

This form of massage normally takes place as a seated position with minimal or no clothing removed and is used to soothe away tension from the head, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp. It is a very gentle yet deeply relaxing massage.

A modified variation of Indian head massage, with body and face oil tailored specifically to you, can be carried out in a face upward, lying down position, using a combination of the traditional head and face strokes and pressure points with holistic style massage, taking in the upper shoulders, neck, arms, face and head can be carried out if preferred – please express any preferences at consultation time.

30 min seated appointment €40.00

45 min  appointment €50.00

I am a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association – Your Massage receipts may be eligible for part refund from your Health Insurance Provider Irish Life (AVIVA and Glo Health), depending on the plan that you hold. Please inquire with your health Insurance provider to see if you are covered and request an additional Insurance massage receipt at the time of appointment.

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