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Hopi Ear Candling

Thermo- auricular therapy (ear candling) is a pleasant stimulation of the ears and head that produces a gentle suction and vibration action. This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. It is deeply relaxing and soothing and manufacturers of the candles claim it may help to relieve ongoing congestion in the sinuses, head and ears. It is carried out with a facial and head massage to promote relaxation and may help with the feeling of congestion in the head.

45 minute appointment €45.00

For severe congestion a course of 3 appointment sessions held at weekly intervals and then monthly after that are recommended by the manufacturers. If a client decides on this, subsequent appointments for ear candling are available at a reduced price if paid in advance at time of original treatment. Special advance purchase price for three Hopi ear treatments is €120.00. Treatments must be booked and taken weekly for 3  successive weeks for this offer. Single appointments booked, paid for in advance at time of previous treatment and taken within 1 month of previous treatment are reduced to €40.00.  Prepaid offers are Non refundable if cancelled by client.

Please Note

It is important that no oil is added to the ear for 24 hours before an ear candling or Hopi candling session. If this has occurred the appointment should be deferred until sufficient time has elapsed. If there has been a history of a perforated ear drum, ear grommets or tubes/implants or acute infectious diseases or acute sinusitis, ear candling is contraindicated- if unsure please check with your G.P.

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