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Holistic Massage

Holistic Body Massage

Holistic Body Massage is a relaxing massage, based on Swedish style techniques using natural oils, with an emphasis on relaxation to treat the mind, body and spirit, allowing the mind time to relax and unwind. Holistic massage offers an excellent opportunity to take time out and reach a level of ease that is often compared to 3-4 hours of deep sleep. Your body massage takes in the areas of the back, neck and shoulders, the legs and feet, the arms and hands and finally the face and head. This massage may help to promote suppleness of the muscles, may help to improve circulation and offers an excellent opportunity for you to try and switch off and relax.

Holistic massage consists of a body and facial and Scalp massage for total mind and body relaxation. This is an ideal massage to de-stress and experience the benefits of the Holistic approach.

N.B. A side lying position for either body massage or back massage – similar to pregnancy massage is also available for people who experience difficulty lying on their stomach either due to age, medical conditions or back problems is also available- Please contact us to discuss your needs further with us.

1 hour appointment € 50.00

1 & 1/2 hour appointment €70.00

Back, neck and shoulder massage

A holistic style of gentle massage carried out on the back, neck and shoulders. It is ideal for reducing tension in these areas while maintaining the relaxation effects of massage.

30 minute appointment €35.00

Leg and Foot Massage

A holistic massage carried out on the feet and legs to help relieve tiredness and soreness. Massage is carried out on both the back and front of the legs. This may help with generalized fluid retention and help to promote drainage.

30 minute appointment €35.00

Foot Reflex Massage

A relaxing foot massage similar in places to reflexology where the reflex points are gentle massaged. Essential oils can be added to complement your massage.

30 minute appointment € 35.00

1 hour appointment €45.00

Golf / Tennis / – Post Event Sports Massage

A relaxing massage involving the gentle movement of soft tissue to benefit a client engaged in physical activity or sport and aims to try and help prevent post event stiffness and tightness in the major muscle groups. This massage concentrates on the muscles of the upper and lower back, the shoulders, arms and legs. Specialized base oils  can be added to your blend which may help to soothe the muscles.

1 hour appointment €50.00

Aromatherapy Massage 30 min / 1 hour / 1 1/2 hour – see the aromatherapy section for a full list of Aromatherapy Options and massage.

1 & 1/2 hour Massage pricing is available at €70.00 for Holistic or Aromatherapy Massage but excludes Deep Tissue or Hot Stone massage.


I am a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association – Your Massage receipts may be eligible for part refund from your Health Insurance Provider Irish Life (AVIVA and Glo Health), depending on the plan that you hold. Please inquire with your health Insurance provider to see if you are covered and request an additional Insurance massage receipt at the time of your appointment.

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