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Pre-Payment of Appointment

From 2nd December 2019 – Gift Vouchers are no longer available for Holistic Therapies for You.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

 Pre-December 2nd 2019 issued Vouchers- Please book your appointment to use your voucher immediately as these vouchers will be accepted either up to their expiry date only or by the end of December 2019 – whichever is arises  first.

For More information on new rules for gift vouchers issued from the 2nd December 2019 please see The Competition & Consumer Protection Commission or citizens advice.


  It is possible to prepay your Pre- arranged appointment by using the paypal feature on this page.

    If you would like to prepay for an appointment for someone else or for yourself, please email to confirm a date and time for your appointment.  Once your appointment has been confirmed just select the appropriate payment amount option from the voucher selection below – a papal receipt will then be sent to you to for your records or to print off and give to the person.

This option is for pre-payment of a pre-booked treatment and cannot be used as a gift voucher.

For Prepayment of therapies please contact to inquire further.

It  is possible to prepay for your appointment via PayPal and this method is available in blocks of €30, €45 €50, €60, €70, €80, €90, €100, €120 or €150.00 from this site, and can be used for either reflexology, holistic therapies or baby massage classes with payment being made via your pay pal account.

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Pre-Pay your appointment

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