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Baby Reflex

Baby Reflexology

Baby reflex is reflexology for babies and young children, created to assist parents with the well being of their child and to strengthen the loving bond. All parents must first learn baby reflex from a qualified Reflexologist.

Baby reflex is specially adapted Reflexology for babies and toddlers that can be carried out by the parent or caregiver.

It has been adapted to suit the needs of babies and toddlers, taking into account their size and well being. It was developed in the U.K. by Jenny Lee, a chartered Physiotherapist, Reflexologist and Teacher who specialised in working with mothers and young children. Over 15 years she carried out pilot studies involving children and GPs, designed to examine specifically the benefits of Reflexology on childhood asthma. Her results were so encouraging that Jenny developed the concept of baby reflex and subsequently toddler reflex was introduced. It can be used from 4 weeks onward. It is recommended not to carry out baby reflex for at least 48 hours after baby vaccinations – please enquire at time of booking. Baby reflex is a complementary therapy and does not take the place of conventional medical care or medical advice or recommendations.

Benefits of baby /toddler reflex:

  • It helps to promote gentle touch, which in turn helps to improve the bond between parents and babies.
  • It is gentle and calming for your baby which may help with sleep routines.
  • It allows a greater ability to relax.
  • Baby / toddler reflex is portable, can be done anywhere and there is no requirement to remove clothes or to use oils.

Classes / Workshops

Baby reflex is normally carried out on the baby’s feet and is taught to parents in 3 x weekly – 1 hour workshops

  • Feeding / Digestion
  • Sleeping / Comforting
  • Well-being

Toddler reflex is normally carried out on the hands and is taught in 2 x weekly – 1 hour workshops themed with rhymes.

  • Week 1 – 7 reflexes covering – Connection, bonding and calming, immune boosting, calming and supporting breathing and

Digestion function.

  • Week 2 – As and when – reflexes covering decongestion, clearing, comforting, pain relief and encouraging recovery

Baby or Toddler Reflex Classes can take place either as group classes or as 1 to 1 classes in your own home and are available in Arklow, Gorey, Wicklow and the surrounding areas.  Handouts of strokes provided with all classes.

Cost of Classes in Arklow Town – €100.00 – Please inquire further about special offers in Arklow throughout the year

Payment for classes is normally made at time of 1st class and can be made by cash or debit or credit card.

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