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Baby Massage Classes


1 to 1 home Baby Massage Classes 2020 – Arklow Town & surrounding areas

Approx. Cost of 1 to 1 classes in your own home €150.00 for Arklow Town, Gorey Town or Wicklow Town.

To express an interest or to book your classes –   Please specify your location and a contact number.  Go to end of this page to see information on booking and payment. 

Baby Massage Class information

Baby Massage is an ancient practice and is a carefully balanced combination of Indian and Swedish strokes combined with baby yoga and reflexology. Baby massage Ireland is the Irish chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage (I.A.I.M.)

The mission statement of the IAIM is ‘to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community’.

Baby Massage is a wonderful way to learn how to massage and connect with your baby and has wonderful benefits for both you and baby to help with bonding, relaxation, soothing pain and may help with promoting sleep and easing the symptoms of colic and constipation. It increases your confidence in handling and comforting your baby and encourages both partners to develop a deep bond with baby while having time for fun stimulation and nurturing.

Options for learning Baby Massage

1 to 1 classes in your own home over 2 – 3 weeks that take place either in Arklow, Wicklow, Gorey and the surrounding areas in between. 1-1 classes are especially good for younger babies, or where immune deficiency issues or additional needs where specific tailoring considerations may be needed, or during the high cold/flu season, or where you prefer the class to be tailored to your own requirements (child minding issues or post c-section)

“Friends”group  in your own home in Arklow, Wicklow, Gorey and the surrounding areas in between. Gather 1 or more friends with their babies and carry out your own group baby massage class in your own home. – please email for details of prices and availability.

Specific one off home classes for learning colic and constipation relief strokes are also available.

Cost of 1 to 1 classes in your own Home in Arklow or surrounding area is €150.00 per person/baby – Discounted rates for home group classes organised with your friends. See above for class information. 

The Classes

Each week with the guidance of the instructor, parents massage their baby while being guided through a step by step massage routine, working on different areas of the body, –  Week 1 – The Feet and Legs – Week 2- The Stomach and Colic Strokes – Week 3 – Chest and Arms – Week 4 – The Face and Back Strokes.  Each previous weeks strokes are then repeated the following week which helps if you may have missed a class until a complete body massage routine is covered. It is recommended that once a section of massage is covered that it is practiced at home before the next weeks class so that both baby and you become accustomed to the touch and strokes and any difficulties can be addressed before moving on to the next section.

Time is also give for short informal information on the International association of Infant massage, oil preparation, relaxation, baby yoga stretches and adaptation of the strokes for the older child.

We recommend that massage is only carried out while the baby is in an awake – quiet alert state (how to recognize this will be discussed in class). Baby Massage is baby led which means that If the baby is asleep or in need of feeding- or sometimes may  feel overwhelmed by a new situation, (Baby may react differently during class than they do at home). We simply ask that you stop the massage and continue with your baby care or comforting, but continue to watch the class so that you can carry out the stokes at home between classes – Remember baby massage is more than the class or group itself and is more about the continuing communication and nurturing touch between you and baby at home.

Who can carry out baby massage

Mothers, Fathers, Guardians, Grandparents are all welcome to participate on a 1 to 1 basis with their baby for the class. (Massage will need – 1 caregiver to 1 baby for the class) The course is also particularly beneficial for parents of adopted babies to help encourage bonding and attachment and for additional needs babies that may be suffering with hypersensitivity to touch or help with the encouragement of improved muscle tone. ( 1 to 1 classes may also like to be considered)

Twins are welcome but we recommend that it is best to bring along another adult to massage one of the babies while you massage the other. Ideally you could bring along a partner, grandparent, a sister or close friend. As baby massage is about close bonding you should try and bring along someone for your twin who will have a continued close relationship with them. You may also like to consider home classes.

Cost of classes include your handouts booklet and a bottle of natural based massage oil, which can be tailored to your needs or to cater for any allergies – please advise at time of booking. All mats and cushions are supplied for class use so need to bring is a towel or blanket for baby and normal baby changing/feeding supplies.

Baby massage classes are part reclaimable (up to €100.00 depending on your plan) with VHI, Aviva and Laya health – Check with your health provider first for any special conditions that may apply for you to receive a refund. Instructor registered with Baby Massage Ireland (BMI) and the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

Friends Group classes are best suited to babies of 6+ weeks to pre-crawling babies under 1 year.  1:1 Classes in your own home are suitable for younger babies, and are available in Arklow, Gorey, Wicklow and the surrounding areas. It is recommended to follow your Doctor’s or Health Care Nurses advice regarding massage around the time of Baby Vaccinations, which may include not massaging immediately after vaccinations –  Please let your instructor know if the first class is to coincide at the same day of a vaccination.

See Baby Massage Ireland or The International association of Infant Massage for further information on baby massage.

What to bring/wear:

Please bring a small blanket or towel plus normal baby changing essentials and a favorite distraction toy. It is helpful to have a prepared feed to hand as babies are often hungry after massage (ideally best to leave at least 1 hour+ after feeds before massage, but don’t worry if this is unable to happen for the class). As the massage is carried out at floor level sitting on cushions with shoes off it is best for you and baby to wear something comfortable that you don’t mind becoming slightly oily and that you can move and are comfortable in.

To book your place on the next course

Please email your interest and give your location.

Payment for classes is normally made in total at time of booking the class – A receipt will be issued via the site and an additional receipt for health insurance will be then issued when registration details are complete (normally at the 2nd class once registration details are completed)

Refunds or additional classes will not be given for classes missed once a home group course has been started and dates supplied unless cancelled or by pre-arrangement with the instructor.

Payment may be made by Cash, Debit or Credit card,  Cheque or via PayPal on website.

Simply go to the Payment section on the website, touch the arrow on the drop down voucher /treatment selection and select on the correct voucher selection for the classes. Once the correct figure is displayed in the window press the buy now button which will take you to the pay pal site for processing of your details.

No Classes will be started in December  –   1 to 1 classes in your own home / Arklow are available all year round apart from December and depending on availability of Instructor

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