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Aromatherapy can be defined as the use of essential aromatic oils to help improve physical and emotional well-being. It works on the principle that the most effective way to promote health and prevent illness is to strengthen the body’s immune system through stress reduction. This deeply relaxing body work combined with individually chosen aromatherapy oils, enhances your Aromatherapy session to help reduce your stress and restore harmony between the mind and body.

Aromatherapy Massage – Includes Face and Head Massage

(uses specialized face oil but without facial cleanse, tone & mask)

1 hour appointment €60.00

1 & 1/2 hour appointment €80.00

This is a relaxing holistic style Aromatherapy massage consisting of enhanced base oils, blended with Aromatherapy essential oils, chosen to complement your specific requests and comprises of a body massage, finishing with a face and scalp massage.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 

Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage –

This relaxing holistic style Aromatherapy massage consists of enhanced base oils blended with Aromatherapy essential oils chosen to complement your specific requests that takes in:

The back, neck and shoulders – excellent for achy backs or shoulders, or when an aromatherapy massage is desired but when your time is short.

30 min appointment                  €40.00

1 hour appointment                  €60.00

Aromatherapy Leg & Foot Massage

This relaxing massage takes in the back & front of legs and the feet – it is good for helping to relieve fatigue and tired legs, especially when on the feet all day, during pregnancy or as a post sports routine to help with muscle fatigue  – Aromatherapy oils tailored to your requests can be added to your specialized base oils.

30 min appointment                  €40.00

1 hour appointment                  €60.00

Aromatherapy & Pregnancy

Combine the benefits of massage with a carefully selected blend of essential oils that may ease the various discomforts that Pregnancy can bring.

All of the above options can be tailored with gentle Aromatherapy oils to enhance your massage to suit Mum and baby.

Aromatherapy Body Pregnancy Massage with or without Face and Head massage

A pregnancy massage sequence for the body, face and head, carried out initially either side lying or sitting up depending on your presentation and requirements. Carefully selected oils that can be used during pregnancy are selected and blended to enhance your massage. This 1 hour massage can be tailored to you to suit the body parts that you want massaged, while leaving others out.

1 hour appointment €60.00

Aromatherapy Pregnancy Back, Neck and Shoulder massage

A seated massage taking in the back, neck and shoulders.

30 min appointment                    €40.00

Aromatherapy Pregnancy Leg and Foot Massage

Initially in a side lying position, gentle massage and draining strokes help with tired legs and feet.  After turning onto your back the front of the legs are massaged and the massage concludes with a relaxing foot massage.

30 min appointment                     €40.00

1 hour appointment                      €60.00

Pregnancy Aromatherapy Foot Reflex Massage / Reflexology 

A deeply relaxing combination of reflexology movements and foot massage with aromatherapy oils carefully blended in a base cream to help relaxation.  A lovely option combining the best of reflexology techniques with aromatherapy.

30 minute appointment             €35.00

1 hour appointment                   €50.00

Post – Natal Aromatherapy  Body Massage Includes Face and Head Massage (uses specialized face oil but without facial cleanse and tone)

A deeply relaxing full body massage with the addition of essential oils which may help your body to feel re-balanced, relieve excess fluid retention and uplift the spirits. In addition to the body, the massage also takes in the head and face if wished.

1 hour post pregnancy appointment              €60.00

1 & 1/2 hour post pregnancy appointment    €80.00

Aromatherapy / Natural Facials 

This is a lovely, relaxing, Aroma natural facial that comprises of a cleanse, tone, mask, hot compress, facial massage and moisturize, which uses natural, vegetable based and organic products where possible. Aromatic waters of rose, orange blossom, chamomile, lavender and witch hazel are selected depending on your skin type. Aromatherapy based masks that gently cleanse to leave your skin feeling soft and cleansed. The facial finishes with a facial massage with enhanced oils and aromatherapy moisturizer and concludes with a scalp and head massage – 

1 hour appointment                  €50.00

1.5 hour deluxe Facial with hand massage €70.00


I am a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association – Your Massage receipts may be eligible for part refund from your Health Insurance Provider Irish Life, depending on the plan that you hold. Please inquire with your health Insurance provider to see if you are covered and request an additional Insurance massage receipt at the time of your appointment.

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